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Sat 8 December 2012 to Sun 17 February 2013
Silvia Bächli, Heinz Breloh, Anna Huber, David Reed
  OPENING: Fri 7 December 2012, 7:00 PM  

Curated by Jörg van den Berg and Wolfgang Fetz.


Movement is a fundamental exhibition. It focuses on some decisive elementals of art-making and mashes them up against similar kinds of basics of art-seeing. Movement and the moment, the twinkling of an eye, will need to be understood in this process as both literal and metaphorical terms.

Primarily, and above all, they mark polar conditions of physical action. The hand that places a line on paper, that shapes the soft, moist clay, that moves as a trace through space or with a brush across a canvass. Movement and the eye’s shutter speed are, at the same time also, the preconditions of any thinking process. How do physical and mental movement relate to one another? Are they indelibly linked to one another, or do they need to be, have to be, separated -- especially in the process of creating art?

In one of his much-cited postcards, Joseph Beuys answered this question in both a comprehensive and a humorous way: “I always think with my knees, anyway.” An increasingly valuable antagonism, that, especially in the virtual age.

Movement conjoins four artistic positions which, initially, are connected only by the absolutely elementary gestures of their individual media – drawings by Silvia Bächli, plaster and clay sculptures by Heinz Breloh, dance by Anna Huber and paintings by David Reed

A catalogue is scheduled to appear alongside the exhibition.




Silvia Bächli . Zeichnung