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September 2013 – 23 February 2014
six memos for the next …

>IN ARBEIT< continues the previous >six memos for the next ...< originally conceived to cover a period of two years.

Within this new format, perceived as a long-term process, a team of six curators will engage in productions and events beyond traditional exhibition designs. The Magazin4 space will be transformed into a platform for experimentation and documentation of new forms of art experience.

>IN ARBEIT< will start out by juxtaposing two positions, those of installation artist Sara Mejia Kriendler (b. 1983, USA) and sound artist Junya Oikawa (b. 1983, Japan). This project will kick off on 4 October with a concert of Oikawa compositions, while audiences from 15 September may already view a first stage of Kriendler’s installation, as it emerges during its process of origination in the showrooms now open to the public.

In the weeks after the completion of the installation, Kriendler will partially be disassembling her work again. At the same time, Oikawa will respond to this development with a new composition, which will be, one-step-at-a-time, integrated into the overall production. By January, the embroidery work continued on a daily basis since 1998 and entitled „Should I live to be a hundred – day by day, I think about the future 1998–2069“ by Emese Benczúr (b. 1969, Hungary) will further expand the interplay of the artists.

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