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22 March - 4 October
Verhau* Vol. 1 – 3
50 artworks, 50 artists

›Magazin4‹ is leaving the classic exhibition structure for the next two years. Single events and long term projects intertwine in the process-related project ›six memos for the next …‹, in a modified form. It is about a newly inquired relevance of art and its staging. Like the titel of the project, six terms are borrowed from Italo Calvino – hence, six perspectives: lightness, rapidness, accurateness, clearness, complexity and consistency.
>six memos for the next …< undertakes the attempt to rethink encounters between artwork, artist and audience with precision and predilection. With fifty works by fifty artists the starting phase is determined by a Verhau* (entanglement) which the curatorial team - consisting of Wolfgang Fetz, Jörg van den Berg, Sandra Boeschenstein, Barbara Köhler, Schirin Kretschmann and Tilo Schulz – is developing new stagings over and over again until summer