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Mondo Veneziano addresses a wide variety of theoretical discourses currently on the contemporary art agenda, confronting them with a series of unexpected and spectacular events. Cast in an abandoned Venice, "Mondo Veneziano" narrates a meeting of four protagonists (a theorist, a curator, a painter and a convivial artist), representative of key players in the art world, who appear to conduct a complex theoretical debate.
But their soliloquious confrontation - an insidious patchwork of quotations from recent specialist literature, paraphrasing the widely used "post -modern" technique of sampling - is interrupted by a string of bloody killings, largely inspired by common cinema genres such as gore or splatter movies


Directed by Antoine Prum
Executive producer: Boris Kremer
Cast: Otto Berchem, Marianne Greber, Taygun Nowbary,
Andrei Volfson
(LUX, HD Video/35mm, 33'00'', 16/9, colour, orig. English/German)


With the kind support of:
Landeshauptstadt Bregenz
Land Vorarlberg
BKA - Sektion Kunst
Ton und Bild
Gösser Bräu Bregenz
Vetter Raumsausstattung


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