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24 March - 6 May
Tilo Schulz
Sweet Dreams
Opening: Friday, 23.03.07, 19.00
Wolfgang Fetz
Einleitende Worte
Jörg van den Berg, Director, Columbus Art Foundation, Ravensburg
Judith Reichart, Cultural Commissioner, City of Bregenz
  In his recent body of work, Leipzig-based artist Tilo Schulz merges two distinct aesthetic approaches, which the 1950s thought to be thoroughly irreconcilable: politically engaged realism on the one hand and abstract art as the Free World’s spiritual vow of allegiance on the other. In his solo exhibition “Sweet Dreams” at the Bregenzer Kunstverein Schulz is showing two large three-dimensional sculptures that connect with pre-War modernity and the issue of transparency. A metaphor for the city, the sculpture city fear/origami version (module 1–4) was built using a modular system of interlocked elements, which allows it to expand into the environing space at a seemingly infinite rate. The essentially self-supporting sculpture is connected to the wall on just two spots, which have been distinctly identified so as to visualize the transition into the room’s “real” architecture. In addition to the sculpture, texts from Zurich-based author Sibylle Berg’s book “Sex2” were silk-screened and mounted on boards. Berg’s short stories are a first-person account of a woman who has the faculty to see through walls and into people’s minds, thus revealing their true everyday life. Visitors move through the exhibition space reading, in much the same way the protagonist wanders through her city. The social realism that characterizes Berg’s text is confronted with the pure aesthetics of a wall built from frosted glass blocks, which asserts its position in the room and lets visitors catch mere glimpses of what lies behind it. The intellectual challenge it poses and the sensory experience it provides make “Sweet Dreams” a both subtly impressive and surprising exhibition.

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