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The Big Scene
Emotionality in Video Art

Friday, October 6, 7 p.m.

Duration of the Exhibition
07.10. -19.11.2006

Curator -tour with Susanne Neubauer
November 11, 6:30 pm
  Emotional reactions are a central moment in film. Many contemporary videos also understand the incorporation of films´ potentials and apply their own adapted strategies which not only have emotionality as a central theme, but which trigger emotions in the viewer. This exhibition gives a selective insight into the work of some of the currently most interesting video artists from Europe, America, and Asia. It has gathered works which are committed to that certain type of emotion which we generally would classify as the tension between love, loss, disappointment, rage, and irrationality. The metaphor of the “grand gesture” or the “big scene”, which lends the exhibition its title, is thus elevated to an overall concept. Historically as well as psychosocially it is first and foremost a dreaded characteristic attributed to the female. Hysteria, Earth Motherhood, and the femme fatale are the usual topics associated with the “grand gesture”. The image of woman just outlined which has dominated the history of cinema since the great Italian diva -movies of the 1900s, receives more differentiated implementation in video art. Video art pursues its own aesthetics with an emotionality which shapes diverse gender -specific characteristics. Remarkable are those moments in which actions turn against themselves with the greatest intensity and which show a culminating point in which all rational and irrational ability to act appears to inevitably dissolve. At this moment the great emotions rotate around their own axes and mutate in their self reflective manner into a great metaphor of speechlessness.

With works by Cao Fei (*1978, China), Jesper Just (*1974, Denmark), Federico Lamas (*1979, Argentina), Javier Pividal (*1971, Spain), Elodie Pong (*1966, Switzerland), Miguel Angel Rios (*1953, Argentina), and Aida Ruilova (*1974, USA).

Guest curator: Susanne Neubauer, Museum of Art Lucerne, Switzerland

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