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September 3rd to November 20th, 2011
Simon Schubert
Haus Ascher

The reference to E.A. Poe's narrative, The Fall of The House of Usher, is difficult to overlook: Simon Schubert plans to create, for his show Haus Ascher at Magazin4, a walkable, multi-room installation, resulting from his preoccupation with a now-destroyed home of the 19th century. The layout and the interior of this house are revisited and reconstructed in folded paper. In fact, the walls and ceiling of the labyrinth-like rooms are made entirely of white paper. Schubert worked on the material using a multitude of tiny folds, which shape up into a series of ornaments, complex panels and architectural images. These structures and patterns emerge in light shone sideways on the surfaces and are visible only in the interplay of light and shadow. Visitors move through the installation as if it were a ghostly cabinet full of recurring structures and mysterious images, suggesting corridors and stairwells of the sort familiar to most people from so-called haunted mansions. The viewer’s gaze is bounced about in a world of constant reproduction, repetition, and replication.


Exhibition view Magazin4
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