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5 September to 22 November, 2009
Bo Christian Larsson

“For earthly things were turned into watery, and the things, that before swam in the water, now went upon the ground.”

The work of the Swedish artist Bo Christian Larsson (born 1976) cen-tres around the inner visions of the individual and the dialogue taking place between the internal and external worlds. His drawings form the most important part of Larsson’s output, as the process of drawing provides, for him, the most direct route to the innermost accessible re-gions of any human being. Almost all of Larsson’s installations are the result of a performance or a happening. The decisive elements and structures of the installations are fixated some time ahead of the event and the performance itself is an act of spontaneous activity within the purview of this controlled space. His objects are, almost always, a di-rect result of these performances.

At Magazin4, Larsson is showing a new installation, entitled “For earthly things were turned into watery, and the things that before swam in the water now went upon the ground.” In this installation Larsson explores the present purpose behind certain structures that people originally invented with the aim of defending themselves. Such structures include homes, houses, apartments and tents – construc-tions all that were intended to serve as protective shields against the wind and the weather, but which also serve the purpose of protecting oneself from one’s neighbours and the homeless. Churches, mosques, temples and synagogues – are houses of the deity that pro-tect people from all sorts of imaginary evil and from the supreme evil of disbelief. Mental homes and jails – are locations that protect us from the mentally abnormal and from the criminally insane. Bunkers, fortresses, and hospitals – are buildings that were erected to provide shelter for people and to protect them from enemies, viruses and dis-eases. Factories and skyrises – are places where people live in an environment that keeps them far removed from any awareness of their own identity.
“It appears as though the chain reaction of evolution was attempting to shackle the human spirit within its own creation, similar to the way we are digging our own graves.” (Bo Christian Larsson)

The Earthly Whisper (detail), 2009
Stahl, Sand, Plastik, Haare, Ritualenmesser
210 x 210 x 220 cm
Photo: Günter König
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