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4 July - 7 September 2008
Artists Anonymous
Perception and Sensation
Thursday, 03.07.2008, 7 pm

By Artists Anonymous

The English title of this exhibition may strangely oscillate in the minds of German-speaking audiences, as the GERMAN words “Sensation” (known only in the meaning associated in English with the word “sensational”) and “Perzeption” (meaning “understanding”, “view of a matter”) differ somewhat from their ENGLISH counterparts. But it’s a game of words and meanings that accurately re-flects the interplay between the staged set-up and “reality” in the installation by Artists Anonymous at Magazin4. It’s a place where one may question one’s per-ceptions, experiencing sensations of a sensual sensibility, but knowing that there is no such thing as an objective reception, and that one can, ultimately, never hope to have a “correct” conception of anything.



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