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31.05. -29.06.2004
En el aire (In the Air)


The exhibition displays six bubble machines producing 14,400 soap bubbles per minute. "The bubbles are corpses: 14,400 corpses per minute." (T.M.) Indeed, the bubbles are a mixture of tap water and soap to which Margolles added water used to clean corpses before an autopsy. The water comes from Mexico City's central morgue.
Margolles's work addresses the cycle of life and death, symbolised by the water from the morgue which is returned to the regular sewerage system and ends up in precisely the poor areas of town from where most of the corpses come from that are dealt with at the morgue. "En el aire" pointedly exposes the social, economical and political situation in Margolles's homeland Mexico.

Curator: Wolfgang Fetz
Courtesy Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich

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