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13.07. -31.08.2003
Summer Exhibition

  "LOVE" is a paradigmatic stroll through the craft of love, unravelling a mainly sensual meta -level with the help of art. 21 artistic proposals compose a thrilling patchwork from Japanese cyberporn to real or fictitious sentimental affairs. "LOVE" attempts to retrace the various associations inherent in notions of sentimentality, affect and emotion in both critical and playful implementations.

Opening concerts/performances:
The Histrionics's "Never Mind the Pollocks" Tour 2003
DJ Gerhard Himmer: "Electropop"
Annie Sprinkle: "An Intimate Informal Show and Tell Evening with Annie Sprinkle"

Curators: Wolfgang Fetz, Judith Reichart
An exhibition by the Bregenzer Kunstverein and Magazin4.
Venues: Palais Thurn & Taxis, Magazin4

A publication is available.
  Carla Ahlander
Sophie Calle
Patty Chang
Shu Lea Cheang
Chris Cunningham
Wim Delvoye
Gerhard Himmer
Jonathan Horowitz
Gerhard Klocker
Elke Krystufek
Jonathan Monk
Bewegung Nurr
Marcel Odenbach
Boris Ondreicka
Ugo Rondinone
Markus Sixay
Annie Sprinkle
Annika Ström
Mathilde ter Heijne
Heike Weber
Gernot Wieland