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May 29 - August 22, 2010
Noir Complex -
City, Story, Destruction & Death
Featuring: Jerry Berndt (USA), Laura Bielau (GER), David Deutsch (USA), Charles Gaines (USA), Caroline Hake (GER), Andreas Schulze (GER), Clare Strand (GB), Amy Patton (USA) and Marco Poloni (CH). Curated by Maik Schlüter.

“Noir Complex” presents nine positions that adopt and expand on the aesthetic and themes of the predominantly literature- and cinema-based Noir genre, dealing with sociological and psychological conflicts. The featured works speak of subtle violence, social destruction, urban erosion, deathly threats and political machinations. The artists address the dialectic of dependence and freedom, of need and disappointment, in works characterized by an atmosphere of subliminal threat. The various formal means used – storyboard sequences, serial documentation, staged photographs, projection of 16-mm found footage, image/text combinations – demonstrate the wide spectrum of Noir’s themes and formal possibilities. Within a framework based on the main concepts of City, Story, Destruction and Death, the show reflects on places and structures, narrative modes and social totalities.