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December 4 - February 20, 2011
Thomas Moecker
  Opening: Friday, December 3, 2010, 7 pm  

The world under control
In our current surroundings, power no longer manifests itself with the threats of violence and death that were common a century ago. War memorials are no longer erected, and displaying the remains of conquered enemies would seem inappropriate to most people in our cultural context. Does power no longer need to present itself publicly? It does need to do this, and it continues to do so, but not in the form of monuments with a clearly aggressive message. It is the task of designers to hide or to emphasize, ideally both at the same time. The aim is for power to be demonstrated without appearing threatening. In our case, vociferous pride in having the world under control has given way to quiet self-assurance: We have the world under control, even if the basis for this control was established by violence. Moecker’s sculptural work strikingly reverses this development, returning to the imperial forms of threatened violence that have been removed from our cities. The audience is confronted with revenants. Whether experienced as beautiful or repulsive, they challenge the viewer to position him/herself with respect to the threat concealed beneath the veneer of culture. (Text: Paule Hammer)

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