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7 March – 24 May 2015
Ciba Noir
Harald F. Müller
  Opening: Friday, 6 March, 7 pm  

Harald F. Müller is a master of architectural color and the never-before-seen. In architecture he modifies rooms in a way which no longer make them imaginable without his coloring. His CUTS which are object-like wall pieces concentrate pictorial finds and show them detached from their original context as quasi-abstract images. The CUTS are details extracted out of the picture’s flood that are placed in a new pictorial context on the wall area for some time.
Müller combines his wall-objects with space-reaching paint at this exhibition in Magazin4. The CUTS show colored papers, readymades, potential image conveyer and discovered motives; pure Cibachrome-material becomes an artistic theme of an exhibition concept here for the first time. With its potential to carry all images in itself and the power to provoke imaginations, it shows in this dramatic confrontation a peculiar esthetic that with certain calm and depth comes into its own through the use as artistic material.
For the opening Harald Braun will provide a lecture room with the title »die Freude am Zuviel« (the joy about too much) which will leave its marks.






BROIE DU NOIR, 2015, C-Print, Acrylglas, Alucore, 120 × 120 × 15 cm,
Courtesy the artis